Brass monkey, that funky monkey

Why is wine so good? The sweet warming feeling that just runs right through your body as you drink. It is truely toxic and when you have had a long hard day it calms you and relaxes the day away. Not good when you come from a family of addicts.

I think I could do this everyday really not good. Why does alcohol make you feel better? I wonder.

And alcohol just makes you feel better which makes no sense since it is a depressant but it really makes you happy. I really wonder maybe I will feel different tomorrow. I think that typing is hard right now. Yes I think I am drunk.

Drinking on a random Wednesday is good for the soul. You know in middle of the week you need to be able to let go and have a little fun. I really do wish my best friends were here that would definitely make everything better. Michelle and Ashley. I love them.

I think that alcohol is f**king fantabulous. Yes that is right fantabulous. I make up words. I do that alot.

I am so glad I am writing again. I don’t care who sees this. I am writing. fantablulous!! The written word is an expression that helps the soul release itself and is beautiful. I think that everyone should release themselves from the confiments of reality and express themselves. It really sucks to have to type on an iPhone. It does not do what I want and I have to edit alot.

Okay I need to sleep or tomorrow will suck.



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