what a long strange trip it's been

Okay I said I would write and here I am.


After 3 years of marriage my husband and I have decide to split. I need him to get off the car insurance and cell phone, but I am no sure when he will. I think I will just give him a deadline and cancel it all after that date and he can f**king fend for himself. He is a grown man.

 I don’t really know when everything went bad, but I really think it was before we got married. He is not what I want or need in my life. Some days I feel like he has really ruined my life, but others I have the greatest pumpkin ever and he gave that to me. He says that all he wants is for me and pumpkin to be happy but I am not and I never will be with him. I really don’t care if he is happy. F**k him. I am not angry anymore, just tried of him and his craziness.

See I married a crazy african. And I regret it, but that is life.

I told my mother and she said “Good. I didn’t see the two of you making it. He is just too self-centered.” She is right it has always been about OHM and never about JAM or MFKM. My life used to always be about me and then I meet him and then it became all about him. I have pumpkin know and my life is all about him, and it always will be now. That is okay, pumpkin ROCKS!

I really could go on and on about OHM, but you know I am 30 and better then that. I have just made up my mind and this is how it is going to be. I think a divorce is not to expense, but then again I don’t know. I will google it tomorrow and find out. And i know that me and pumpkin will be okay. We have the greatest Nana in the whole wide world and she will always love and help us in life. She will always be there. I know that.

I hope that everyone finds my life interesting, I sure as hell do. And I am trying not to swear in this thing called a blog, but you know F**K it.

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  1. matt said:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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