Monthly Archives: April 2009

So I was working back in med records today, and I had to potty. So I went to the rest room in the back. First there was pee in the toilet and on the seat. Someone I work with is completely disgusting. I was looking for some cleaning products to clean the seat so I could people and I looked in the cabinet under the sink and there was a porn magazine.

So not only do I work with disgusting people, I work with a bunch of perverts.

Man I need a new job.


Random caffeine coma. Hyper as all hell and stuck at the front desk unable to smoke, run around or do anything at all except type on this here blog.

Burritos are good. So is blink.

I love coffee, especially when it is free.


So I picked up pumpkin from school because Nana was sick today. First he doesn’t want to go anywhere to eat. Finally I get Chickafila out of him. So we go.

We get our food sit down and eat. When we are about done these people that had been sitting behind us get up and leave. There was this woman wearing a peach halter dress and a black bra. Back fat and bra just hanging out for all to see. I know that I am “plump” woman, but I sure as hell don’t let my back fat hang out. If I notice I got some going on, I try to cover up. What made this woman think that it is okay for this outfit. If you are going to wear a halter dress fine. At least have the sense to go barless or something. that was so not cool.


So JHC and I were just talking about this is not where we saw ourselves at the age we currently are. You know when you are in high school and college, you think you know by the time I am 30 I will have a house and career. I will get out and find this great job with this wonderful company and build a career. I never thought I would be married and then have a child. I always thought I would be a psychologist and have this fantastic private practice and this great single life.  I never wanted anything that I have now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the industry I currently work in. I love my pumpkin more then anything. He is the coolest ever! And the most important thing in my life. I am happy with the life that has been dealt to me. I have tried to make the best of it and I will continue to do that.

I do hate my job. I want more. I want to go places and do stuff. I want to learn and know everything about research. I know that I will not be able to grow and learn here. I must more on. It has been time for a long time I am just a slacker. Totally my generation.

I love being a mother. All the things that I get to teach him and everything he gets to teach me. There is nothing in the world compared to pumpkin. I don’t know what I would do without him.

My marriage is crap, but you know I had a feeling that it would be. I married a crazy African. I am fixing that.  DIVORCE! I just need someone like me, who can have fun and be responsible. I am fun and responsible. I will find someone one day and that will be the end of that.

I hate living with my mother, but I can’t afford to be on my own, which is totally depressing, but that is life. I love my mom. She is greatest mom ever and she will always be there for me and pumpkin and since he is more important then my hating being at home, we will always be together. I know that she wants us to always be there. She is lonely since dad died and I do worry about her being on her own. She is getting older too. But I think she needs to work on her shoving sh*t in the cupboards. That is so annoying and then you can’t find anything. My only qualm.

So today I got this e-mail from MMM. It was from her cousin. It was this link to this great website. It was a craft blog. I love crafts.I need to start working on stuff again.

I think this all started because last weekend I bought all kinds of stiff to make a book for pumpkin. Then last night I started to make a grocery bag- crochet a grocery bag. It is actually pretty cool. I think I can post the link.

Since yesterday was earth day, please recycle.

I started a craft blog becuase you know I am crafty like ice is cold.

I love the beastie boys.

I like this whole blog thing. It is way better then keeping all this sh*t in my head.

My mom question me yesterday if I was really getting a divorce. Yes I need to get laid and not with ohm. I need to be cool about the whole thing. I have to do that for pumpkin. I don’t hate ohm, I just need something else and he can’t give it to me. He gave
Me pumpkin and that is the
Coolest thing ever. At least I can not be a b***h about everything. I do think I should make him buy me a car. I need a new one and don’t have the cash to pay for it. Well we will see about that.

Work still is crappy but I will find a new job sometime in the furture. Not so sure about NYC anymore. If the polar ice caps melt no more city Atl would be ok. I just need to be in the city I think. I hate the suburban area. But I like cows I don’t think I would mind a farm too much but that would be alot of work.