roller coaster

Today I decided that life is like a roller coaster and don’t like the freakin’ ride. Have you ever just been a tool and not thought about it and then got called out about it and then realized that YOU ARE A TOOL. Well I seem to be having that life. It really sucks and I hope I can stop. But you know I have to be me and I can’t stop about something.

I want off the roller coaster. I want to be okay in everything for just once. I want no stress, no wondering about the future, and no being a tool. I don’t think that is possible, but maybe one day.

And how the hell do parents make everything look so easy and so good? Well at least my parents. How? I want to give that to my child, but I can’t. Will I ever be able to? Maybe if I get off the f**king roller coaster.


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