Happiness is a warm gun

Everyday something new. Everyday I want to shoot myself in the head!!

People are rude, crude, and I am so freakin’ tired of it. What the hell was I thinking?

Well actually everything has been going great. There have been alot of changes here at work and I can’t decide if my own change was as good as the other changes that have taken place. I think so at times and then at other times, I just wanted to be a CRC. I think that in the long run of my career, I made the best move. But then I know I am moving away from the clinical side of my job and I need/ want to stay there.

I need to begin to look for a new job.  But if I want to stay in this path I need to stick it out here for a few more years. I can’t handle this place for a few more years. I will shoot myself in the F**KIN’ HEAD!


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