Do you remember being a child? I remember bits and pieces of my childhood, but not the whole thing. I grew up in the 80’s and well that says it all.

Jams- they were like long shorts that were really wide and I had the tackiest pair of them I wore them as much as I humanly could. I think that jams were meant for boys only, but I know I wanted a pair and my awesome mother oblidged to my request. I remmber one day walking down the street to see my friend and thinking I am the coolest person on the planet because I have on these jams. They were hawaiian in style and long and I had on a white shirt. I was so tacky, but I was so cool.

I think I am still tacky. The other day, pumpkin and myself stayed home from work and school. Pumpkin was sick. I got dresed in jeans, a red t-shirt, and a gray cardigan. I feel like that was a good clothing day. I had my flips on. If I had my chucks on it would have been a much better outfit. I am just a tacky dresser and I always will be. I think that individuality is extremely important in life.


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