I started a craft blog becuase you know I am crafty like ice is cold.

I love the beastie boys.

I like this whole blog thing. It is way better then keeping all this sh*t in my head.

My mom question me yesterday if I was really getting a divorce. Yes I need to get laid and not with ohm. I need to be cool about the whole thing. I have to do that for pumpkin. I don’t hate ohm, I just need something else and he can’t give it to me. He gave
Me pumpkin and that is the
Coolest thing ever. At least I can not be a b***h about everything. I do think I should make him buy me a car. I need a new one and don’t have the cash to pay for it. Well we will see about that.

Work still is crappy but I will find a new job sometime in the furture. Not so sure about NYC anymore. If the polar ice caps melt no more city Atl would be ok. I just need to be in the city I think. I hate the suburban area. But I like cows I don’t think I would mind a farm too much but that would be alot of work.


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