Ohm is a pain in my *ss. We totally got into it this morning. The spare tire is MIA from the jeep. I drive 50 miles a day. I don’t need to be driving without a spare. What the f**k! There was a good reason for it to be gone, but you know he did not tell me until I called him this morning pissed off about it. Communication is the key to a good marriage, hell it is the real key to living life. You must talk to people.

Well I call him to get on his *ss and then we get into it. F**king rat *ss b**tard. I can not freaking wait to the divorce is final. I am so tired if him. I can’t wait on him to do anything. I need him to get hell off my bills so I can try to take care of myself and pumpkin. But he won’t go anywhere.

We got into it about money. I have not got any money from him in like 6 months. I figured it out today, since pumpkin was born he owes $10,600 for taking care of pumpkin alone. I make crap money, I can not afford to take care of him and pumpkin. He cast too freakin much. He said he gave $4000. IT WAS THEW F**KING TAX RETURNS. HALF WAS MINE ANYWAY!!!!! Piece of crap. I am so tired of this. I need to buy a new car and all kinds of sh*t. I can’t afford him and he will never do anything to take care of himself.

When we were married, I would complain about money, you know what he would say. I (me, yes me) needed to get a better job that paid more money. You know, get off your f**kin’ *ss and work. Pay for your sh*t.

I have been so pissed all day that I have been smoking 2 smokes on every break. I can’t get over how stupid he is.

And yesterday he was in my room all day like it was his. You don’t live in my house get out of my room.

I need to get him out of my life but unfortunately he is pumpkins dad.


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