another one bites the dust

The title sucks for this one but it made me laugh.

One of my brother’s friends relapsed. See DCK (my bro) is a recovering addict, so he knows alot of recovering addicts. A is his friend, for the purposes of this blog. (sidenote everyone is anonymous here).

DCK has been clean for 3 years now. It is really weird seeing my brother clean. He smoked crack for about 15 years. Somedays I am surprised he is still alive.

Well a week ago A crashes his car. He blacked out and no one could figure out how that happened. Today he was sent home from work because his boss thought he was acting weird. Then his boss found him out back of his work with a bag and a can of something. Huffing. He was taken to hospital. And he is probably going to jail.

A was painting the house for us. Mom had paired him most of the money. Thank god A’s girlfriend had the money. Mom is not screwed.

It is so sad to me. I know that they work so hard to get clean and then they relapse. They lose everything they have worked for.

Please keep A in your thoughts and hope that he gets the help he needs and gets back on track.


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