drinkin problem

Drink drank drunk
So I am on a mission to get drunk tonight and finally it has ocurred. I think I can spell. 5 glasses if wine and 2 sips of really nasty cider ( it was bad) I think I am drunk. I have to work tomorrow that will suck.
Alright nana is out of town. Party at my house!
I have been trying to work in my tolerance level for vegas, but I think that was a bad idea. I don’t want to have to pay allot for alcohol. But damn wine is sooooo good!
Ah f*ck I am out of smokes. Une momento sil vous palit. I think that is right. I so should leave the typos for tomorrow. I hate typing on an iPhone but I can’t smoke upstairs.
Yes I am a 30 year old smoker with a child don’t harass me I love to smoke and everyone has to die. I do not smoke around pumpkin that would be wrong.
On the 27th, it would be my dad’s 62th birthday and my 3 year aniversary. I miss my dad and hate my marriage. What does that say about me?
Why did I want to get drunk tonight? I love random drunkiness. Addiction runs in my family I need to be careful. You know I have done allot of drugs in my life and I am still not an addict. But I do worry allot about it. I mean if dck was on crack, my uncle a junkie and my grandpa an alcoholic where does that leave me? I can’t smoke and type weird! Tomorrow will suck balls! But who cares i am in a drunkin state.
Why do you have to pee so much drunk? It really sucks!
Nana is is in NYC right now so freakin’ jealous!
On high shcool I wrote intoxicated all the time. that doesn’t look right I wish this had spell check. I used to write f*cked up all the time and it was awesome but now I got nothing.
Sweet deliciousness of alcohol and the burn of smoke 2 of
My favorite things. Man I am going to be an addict soon I need to watch myself.
Why does
Alcohol make
Happy it is a depressant. it slows down the brain and makes reactions
Slow and helps with depession but to me I get happy and don’t shut up. I need to drink around
People. Sleep or not to sleep? That is the question. I hate typing on a iPhone. Weird.
Mmmthinks I am witty. M-w thinks
I can write good. I don’t know. I have been thinking about the book allot. Should
I pull it out and try to type
It up and publish it? I wrote a whole f*ckin book and have donennothing with it. I really don’t remember what is in it. Or where it is? I should find it and
Look through it. What box is it in? Confused. I think I will go find it with another glass of wine.


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