So yesterday, me and OHM really got into it. He is such an *ss.  He was going on and on about how everything is my fault. You know, I have tried and tried to make it work and you f*cker have done nothing. You have always done whatever you want to do and you have always been an *ss to me. You ignore me most of the time and you do not help financially, ever though you think you do. In  2 years I have gotten maybe $5000 from you to help with the bills and pumpkin. I added it up the other and for just pumpkin, it should have been about $15,000. YOU ARE A DEADBEAT FATHER!!!!

I don’t understand how everything can be my fault. Yes I do get bitchy with you, but that seems to be the only way to get you to do what I need you to do. If I ask you to come and watch pumpkin, you show up when it is convenient for you. You have no respect for others. You live in your own little world where everything is about you and guess what the world does not revolve around you. IT REVOLVES AROUND PUMPKIN! For god’s sake you showed up 2 hours late to his 1st birthday party because the time was inconvenient for you. He was so freaking fussy when you finally got there. Guess what you are not invited to his 2nd birthday party, but your family is.

It is done, over and I want him out of my life, but I feel bad in some ways. He can not support himself nor can he take care of himself. I looked up divorces and an uncontested in GA is only $795, but we need to have an agreement on pumpkin. This will be a problem.

He was to go to INS today and he did. I did not. I really feel bad about that but you know he has done nothing for me and I have done everything for him. It is time for me to get rid of him. I do hope he will go away. I need him gone. I am tired of supporting him and myself and pumpkin. I need to take care of me and pumpkin. He needs to take care of himself.

I will be okay as long as he goes away. Stupid freaking jack*ss.


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