Monthly Archives: June 2009

On Friday, I got the news that I got a new that I have received a new job. Step 3 in the restoration of JAM’s life, new job, done. It is fabulous. I have not officially been made the offer but I am expecting it not really to occur until the hiring manager is back from vaca, in about 2 weeks. This comes at the most perfect time. I currently hate my job, I just hope that I am not jinxing myself by being to excited. I just don’t feel if it is real. Hopefully it is and I can start in a few weeks after my own vaca.

It was just the most random thing. On Thursday I got a call from a headhunter, they asked a few question and sent my stuff to the hiring manager. They called back later and scheduled an interview that afternoon with the hiring manager. The next day they contacted my references and the head hunter basically told me they wanted to move forward and make me an offer. I believe that salary will be about $41,000, which is alot more than I make now. I might just be able to breathe, for once in a really long time I will be able to breathe. I can’t f*cking wait.

Work was horrible on friday. Our monitor was shady… and really tring to get me in trouble.  I just hope that I did not do anything to get in trouble. I don’t have a filter most days and it was really off on Friday. I really need to work on the filter, but how do you make yourself have a filter. How? Maybe there is  a book on that. I shall look that up later.


Breathe. Crazy random fluke of a day. About 11am this morning I got a call from a head hunter. A CRC job. She asked a bunch of questions I answered then she said she would send my info to the hiring manager and then give me a call back. Okay I am not going to get a call. This has happened before. At 2pm, she called back and wanted me to go to an interview this afternoon. Okay I went it was right down the street from where I was.
The interview went awesome. The hiring manager showed me around and introduced me to another coordinator there and was superduper nice.
Now I must breathe. I want out of my hell of a job so bad. I need out of it. I have had a horrible few months and I need to be gone.
Jhc told I am not allowed to go f*ck you and walk out like I would really really want too! But she is right, don’t burn the bridge and I have had a good run.

Okay so jhc has made a list if things for me to do in vegas. Which btw is in 2 weeks. Anyway I decide to make a list for mmm. So far, I have about 11.

1. Make out with a random guy everyday, don’t give him your name or get his name. Then take his pic and walk away.
2. Go by your alter ego, petunia a roller derby girl from Atl. Must wear all black and goth it out.
3. Spend one night in someone else room, preferably a man but can be a woman if that floats your boat at the time. Call and meet me in the morning for breakfast.
4. Dance on a bar. I need a pic of this.
5. Try to get 5 pics of random guys peni. I need pics.
6. Get drunk one day 1st thing in the morning and keep the buzz all day.
7. Get back stage at the thunder down under show and make out with one of the dancers. Need a pic.
8. Get a guy to buy us drinks one night.
9. Attack one unexpected tourist and pretend you have just found Robert deniro. Get a pic with this person.
10. Talk in text speak for at least 2 hrs 1 day ( btw, omg, LOL, WTF,etc etc).
11. Pretend to be a valley girl for 2 hours 1 day.

So far this is all I got. I will work on some more.

My list from jhc
1. Make out with a random guy, don’t get his name or give yours.
2. Spend a night as your alter ego, bridget from London, England.
3. pretend u and mmm are a couple and have a blow out fight, then make up in public.
4. Get a guy to buy mmm and myself drinks one night.
5. Talk in text lingo for 2 hours.
6. Impose in a tourist picture.
7. Attack an unexcepted person claiming you just found Harrison ford and take a pic with him.

She is working on more stuff for me.

This is going to be so much f*ckin’ fun!
Only 14 more days. I need to do some more shopping.

I am a troublemaker.

Okay, I hate my f*cking life and really want to tell my boss F*ck You and walk the hell on out of here but you know I got a car payment and a child, so I must work.  JHC totally talked me out of it and I am still pissed.

So what happened was, I am correction now was,  training a new employee on Tuesday and I apparently was confusing her. So my boss and supervisior called me into my boss’s office and told me that I need to go slower and not explain so much to the new employee, but I am doing an awesome job training her. Bullsh*t, Bullsh*t. I thought about it for a minute and out of the 3 RAs that were hired 9 months ago only 1 of them does not sucked and that happened to be the one that I trained, but I don’t know what I am doing and I am going to fast and explaining too much. F*ck you.

I need a new job. And then today, my boss was a total fucking bitch to me for something I did not know. Something about an e-mail that I really did not read all the way, my bad, but that is not a reason to be as nasty as you were. Un-f*cking- professional. I hate were I work.

And then today, I screwed up and forgot to order something while AJN and JHC were gone. And I got chewed out about that in front of others. Really, I haven’t had to do any of this in a couple of months and I forgot. I was really really busy when they were gone and I forgot. Sorry, I remember how we fixxed it in the past and I will make sure that it does not happen again, but seriously stop being a b*tch.

In the 3 years that I have worked, I have not hated this place as much as I do now. It seems that in last 6 months I have wanted to quit- walk out- at least 3 times.  I hate my F*CKIN’ JOB!!

I have come up with my new project. I want to make one of this blankets from my bed. I might even make one for pumpkin.

Before I can begin, I need to finish the other projects I have going on… like pumpkins book, so sewing I have.

This is a babbette blanket that I found on the great blog called the purl bee. I think all crafters should check out this site. They have so many projects that I want to do.

So at work today we were talking about our top 5 guys. It took me 30 minutes to figure out mine. My #1 died a bit ago, god rest his soul and the future is not as bright with out him. So I have had some trouble with making the list.
AJN listed hers and well judge Mathias was #2. I don’t get it but whatever floats your boat.
JHC listed johnny depp as her #1, of course. He is hot, just not all the time to me. Sometimes he looks a bit I don’t know not hot.
My top 5
1. Jason statham- mmm will yell at me for this. She took him away from for not knowing some movie that he was in and mispronouncing his name once or twice. I am sorry mmm, Heath leger has passed on and my #2 has to be my #1 now.
2. Keanu reeves- I almost forgot about him. Ever since point break. Beachy sufer dude hot.
3. Gerald butler- kind of normal guy hot, but I love the accents and he looked damn good in rock a’ rolla. Sexy
4. Vince vaugn- as mmm would say mountable.
5. Carey hart- tats and all sexy.

I am torn too because David beckham, tom delonge, and a new found hotness of jack Johnson can not make the top 5 but the are in the top 10. I still can think of the final 2. I forgot Orlando bloom. Ok one more, who should it be?

I am being extremely random today and I really like it.

In the 70’s they had these shoes that had goldfish. I was wondering how the fish got food and breathe, and did they take them out at night? I need to look that up and see, because I hope they were humane to the fish.

My other wondering of the day was, man now I forget. I should really get back to work… That sucks.