#1 crush

So at work today we were talking about our top 5 guys. It took me 30 minutes to figure out mine. My #1 died a bit ago, god rest his soul and the future is not as bright with out him. So I have had some trouble with making the list.
AJN listed hers and well judge Mathias was #2. I don’t get it but whatever floats your boat.
JHC listed johnny depp as her #1, of course. He is hot, just not all the time to me. Sometimes he looks a bit I don’t know not hot.
My top 5
1. Jason statham- mmm will yell at me for this. She took him away from for not knowing some movie that he was in and mispronouncing his name once or twice. I am sorry mmm, Heath leger has passed on and my #2 has to be my #1 now.
2. Keanu reeves- I almost forgot about him. Ever since point break. Beachy sufer dude hot.
3. Gerald butler- kind of normal guy hot, but I love the accents and he looked damn good in rock a’ rolla. Sexy
4. Vince vaugn- as mmm would say mountable.
5. Carey hart- tats and all sexy.

I am torn too because David beckham, tom delonge, and a new found hotness of jack Johnson can not make the top 5 but the are in the top 10. I still can think of the final 2. I forgot Orlando bloom. Ok one more, who should it be?


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