Build it up, Tear it down.

Okay, I hate my f*cking life and really want to tell my boss F*ck You and walk the hell on out of here but you know I got a car payment and a child, so I must work.  JHC totally talked me out of it and I am still pissed.

So what happened was, I am correction now was,  training a new employee on Tuesday and I apparently was confusing her. So my boss and supervisior called me into my boss’s office and told me that I need to go slower and not explain so much to the new employee, but I am doing an awesome job training her. Bullsh*t, Bullsh*t. I thought about it for a minute and out of the 3 RAs that were hired 9 months ago only 1 of them does not sucked and that happened to be the one that I trained, but I don’t know what I am doing and I am going to fast and explaining too much. F*ck you.

I need a new job. And then today, my boss was a total fucking bitch to me for something I did not know. Something about an e-mail that I really did not read all the way, my bad, but that is not a reason to be as nasty as you were. Un-f*cking- professional. I hate were I work.

And then today, I screwed up and forgot to order something while AJN and JHC were gone. And I got chewed out about that in front of others. Really, I haven’t had to do any of this in a couple of months and I forgot. I was really really busy when they were gone and I forgot. Sorry, I remember how we fixxed it in the past and I will make sure that it does not happen again, but seriously stop being a b*tch.

In the 3 years that I have worked, I have not hated this place as much as I do now. It seems that in last 6 months I have wanted to quit- walk out- at least 3 times.  I hate my F*CKIN’ JOB!!


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