I'm a troublemaker, not a doubletaker

Okay so jhc has made a list if things for me to do in vegas. Which btw is in 2 weeks. Anyway I decide to make a list for mmm. So far, I have about 11.

1. Make out with a random guy everyday, don’t give him your name or get his name. Then take his pic and walk away.
2. Go by your alter ego, petunia a roller derby girl from Atl. Must wear all black and goth it out.
3. Spend one night in someone else room, preferably a man but can be a woman if that floats your boat at the time. Call and meet me in the morning for breakfast.
4. Dance on a bar. I need a pic of this.
5. Try to get 5 pics of random guys peni. I need pics.
6. Get drunk one day 1st thing in the morning and keep the buzz all day.
7. Get back stage at the thunder down under show and make out with one of the dancers. Need a pic.
8. Get a guy to buy us drinks one night.
9. Attack one unexpected tourist and pretend you have just found Robert deniro. Get a pic with this person.
10. Talk in text speak for at least 2 hrs 1 day ( btw, omg, LOL, WTF,etc etc).
11. Pretend to be a valley girl for 2 hours 1 day.

So far this is all I got. I will work on some more.

My list from jhc
1. Make out with a random guy, don’t get his name or give yours.
2. Spend a night as your alter ego, bridget from London, England.
3. pretend u and mmm are a couple and have a blow out fight, then make up in public.
4. Get a guy to buy mmm and myself drinks one night.
5. Talk in text lingo for 2 hours.
6. Impose in a tourist picture.
7. Attack an unexcepted person claiming you just found Harrison ford and take a pic with him.

She is working on more stuff for me.

This is going to be so much f*ckin’ fun!
Only 14 more days. I need to do some more shopping.

I am a troublemaker.


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