the eggs did crack on haz's back

Breathe. Crazy random fluke of a day. About 11am this morning I got a call from a head hunter. A CRC job. She asked a bunch of questions I answered then she said she would send my info to the hiring manager and then give me a call back. Okay I am not going to get a call. This has happened before. At 2pm, she called back and wanted me to go to an interview this afternoon. Okay I went it was right down the street from where I was.
The interview went awesome. The hiring manager showed me around and introduced me to another coordinator there and was superduper nice.
Now I must breathe. I want out of my hell of a job so bad. I need out of it. I have had a horrible few months and I need to be gone.
Jhc told I am not allowed to go f*ck you and walk out like I would really really want too! But she is right, don’t burn the bridge and I have had a good run.


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