Monthly Archives: July 2009

1.Where do men put their change at night? And do they get it again the next day to spend?

2.And why do people think it necessary to post everything they do on facebook? Really, get a life.

3.Why do people use the expression “have field day”?

4.Why do teenagers flock to malls? Do they not have anything better to do? As a teenager I did not hang out in a mall. I hung out at the awesome local waffle house. You could smoke in there.

5.Why are yawns contagious?

6.Why do women wear heels? I know they are sexy and everything but damn they kill my feet.

7.Why do people act like nobody is watching them? Yes you look weird.

8.Why do big men drive little vespas?

9.Do I look like someone who wants to talk to you? I don’t think so.

10.Why are weekends only 2 days and work weeks 5 days? Shouldn’t be the other way around?

11.Why do we pay so much in insurance every year just to have to meet a really big deductible?

12.And how the he’ll do people really live? I can never make enough money to stay a float.

13. Why are gas prices going up again?

14. Why is wine sooooo goood?

15. Why can a 2 year old make my day everyday?

16. Again do I look like someone who wants to talk to you? Really.

17. Why do people think it is cool to play games and do stupid ass sh*t on facebook? Get a damn life and no I don’t what to splash you I have better things to do. I think I need to cancel my facebook account.

18. Why do people always consider michealanglo’s Sistine chapel perfection? hehating painting and only wanted the carve the pope’s tomb. And it is far from perfect.

19. Why in the world would you have 5 wedding showers? You have been living on your own for years what could you possibly need? And let’s not replace all the old with all new, let recycle and protect our world.

20. Why is chocolate bark the greatest sweet treat ever?


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unfortunately nothing happened that needs to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast and drank my ass off, but nothing to exciting.

Vegas is great place to go. We went and saw naked men, we went to a club, and we just saw everything. It was not as cheap as we thought it would be. There are no real cheap restaurants on the strip, so our cheapest meal was maybe $10. But we still had a blast. I would definitely go back, but next time I will drink more and more. And I would definitely spend more time at the pool.

MMM wanted to do the touristy stuff while we were there, and we did. We saw everything.

I am very tired. Yesterday I had to go back to work and quit my job.  I did, I don’t think they were very happy, but you know f*ck them. Also I think I am still on Vegas time. It sucks, and I want to go back.

1 more day to I leave for las Vegas and I think I have tonsillitis. I am not freakin’ happy and I hope to God today at the doctors they put me on something so I can have a blast.  I can not believe this sh*t. I don’t want to be sick and I can’t be sick. I want to party like a rock star in Vegas this weekend.

I will not be sick anymore. I will be drunk and happy in las Vegas. I will not be sick. Positive reinforcement, positive reinforcement. I do not feel wonderful, but I am not sick. Positive reinforcement.

What the f*ck! My life, there is always something. What will it be next?

BTW, good news. I officially got the job and they are excited about me starting on the 20th. YAY, YAY!!

And I am totally in a coffee coma right now. And my vaca starts at 1230pm today. Wow!

Has anyone else noticed that games on facebook is kinda lame. I mean, I have alot of better things to do in my life then play f*cking games on facebook and no I don’t want an imaginary drink, by a real f*cking cosmo at the bar. Granted I love knowing what all my old peeps are up too, but still way has facebook gotten so damn lame. Can’t there just be a social website to find lost friends and make new ones that doesn’t have all this tweeny bopper crap. I am too freakin’ old to be playing mafia wars and some weird vampire game. I have a two year old and a career and a budding divorce under my belt.

You know maybe I am just too old for all of it. I had decided a few months back I needed to know all of this because of pumpkin but you know maybe I don’ t care. He is going to know more then me anyway and I need to work on getting ccrc certified for work. I need to work on me I need to play the game called life and I know how to have alot of f*ckin’ fun doing just that.

Back to reality everyone. Video games are for children and games on facebook are just plain lame.

Las vegas. That was a fabulous trip but unfortately it took me about a week to get over it. Now life is back to normal sort of.

I started my new job yesterday and I feel extremely smart. I was really shocked at how much I had learned at my last job. At moments I feel that I will be better now the people training me. I will be a superstar I know I already am but I am really going to shine.

I am very tired right now. I have to be at work at 8 am but I have been getting there about 730am. And that really is way to early to get up.

Today I had employee training. And they seem extremely strict on alot of things bit u know it is way more professional then where I used to work. I was not too happy about all the stuff they were talking about, but I guess you can do anything for a couple of years. But really do i have to wear hoise everyday. It is really all about experience and stepping up in my career. I do really want to work at a CRO. Baby steps.

At least management seems nicer here then my last job. They don’t seem so catty teenage girl like.

But some of my fellow employees do not know as much as I do. The research program is realitively new compared to my last job. I will not act like I know more then them. I will pretend. I will behave.

I missed jhc, m-w, ajn, ksy, and kas alot. I will keep on touch. I will keep my friends. I had really made some great ones over the years.

Tonight I need to plan our outing this weekend to fernbank with our kids. And I need to get my social security card for work. Must remember.

image724501118.jpgI love to make jeans into skirts. It is so easy. I go to the trift store and buy some old beat up jeans. The cut the inseam. Then you have to cut the seam that makes the crotch. Pin the crotch down flat. Sew it. IF you cut it short enough you will not have to add fabric to fill the gap. But if you need to just use the part of the legs that you cut off. They always come out really cute. I really suggest you try this. I have been doing this for years and I see people wearing skirts like this they paid alot of money for, and I made mine for like $5.

So I leave for las vegas tomorrow. And I have strep throat. Can you believe that crap? I have no idea where I got it from, but I feel so much better today then I did yesterday. I just have to remember to take my antibiotic and not drink too too much! I am so pissed. Where the hell did I get strep throat?

This will not and can not ruin my vegas adventure. Mmm will have the best 30th birthday ever if it the last thing I do.

And I can’t sleep too excited. a wild weekend awaits. I should at least try to sleep.