I know I have not blogged in a while. Sorry I am just still been very busy with life. I have discovered that for me to be sane I need to be occupied with life.

All has been fantastic lately. My pumpkin is awesome. My new job is going to starting soon and I am leaving for las vegas on Thursday.

Not much randomness has been going on. I seem to have gotten in to a routine a and since ohm is no longer that involved in my life and I drama free. Mom drives me nuts sometimes, but she is mom and that is her job. I still live her. And that’s it.

I hope and pray that vegas is as awesome as I think it will be. And hope that mmm let’s me be me and just goes along for the ride. I always have fun and I do party like a rock star.

Man we haven’t partied together in a long time. Either she is drunk, well actually I am usually drunk. One of us has to drive and she doesn’t really ever make me the dd. I owe her big time for that. I shall pay her back in vegas by making sure we get to our room everynight safe and drunk. I think she will enjoy that.

I hope she has a blast it is her 30 birthday and she seems to want to have a big bang before she turns 30. I have been 30 for 6 months and so far it is actually pretty awesome.

I think you come in your own at 30. You know who you are and you are f*cking pride of it. I am a mom. I am a beautiful fun loving woman that knows what not to do now and what to do. I know who I am and I am happy with myself and I am proud of who I have actually grown up to be. And yes I think I actually grew up, even though I swore I never would. I guess that is life.


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