meet me halfway

Has anyone else noticed that games on facebook is kinda lame. I mean, I have alot of better things to do in my life then play f*cking games on facebook and no I don’t want an imaginary drink, by a real f*cking cosmo at the bar. Granted I love knowing what all my old peeps are up too, but still way has facebook gotten so damn lame. Can’t there just be a social website to find lost friends and make new ones that doesn’t have all this tweeny bopper crap. I am too freakin’ old to be playing mafia wars and some weird vampire game. I have a two year old and a career and a budding divorce under my belt.

You know maybe I am just too old for all of it. I had decided a few months back I needed to know all of this because of pumpkin but you know maybe I don’ t care. He is going to know more then me anyway and I need to work on getting ccrc certified for work. I need to work on me I need to play the game called life and I know how to have alot of f*ckin’ fun doing just that.

Back to reality everyone. Video games are for children and games on facebook are just plain lame.


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