that's what you get for waking up in vegas

Las vegas. That was a fabulous trip but unfortately it took me about a week to get over it. Now life is back to normal sort of.

I started my new job yesterday and I feel extremely smart. I was really shocked at how much I had learned at my last job. At moments I feel that I will be better now the people training me. I will be a superstar I know I already am but I am really going to shine.

I am very tired right now. I have to be at work at 8 am but I have been getting there about 730am. And that really is way to early to get up.

Today I had employee training. And they seem extremely strict on alot of things bit u know it is way more professional then where I used to work. I was not too happy about all the stuff they were talking about, but I guess you can do anything for a couple of years. But really do i have to wear hoise everyday. It is really all about experience and stepping up in my career. I do really want to work at a CRO. Baby steps.

At least management seems nicer here then my last job. They don’t seem so catty teenage girl like.

But some of my fellow employees do not know as much as I do. The research program is realitively new compared to my last job. I will not act like I know more then them. I will pretend. I will behave.

I missed jhc, m-w, ajn, ksy, and kas alot. I will keep on touch. I will keep my friends. I had really made some great ones over the years.

Tonight I need to plan our outing this weekend to fernbank with our kids. And I need to get my social security card for work. Must remember.


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