All i need is love

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unfortunately nothing happened that needs to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast and drank my ass off, but nothing to exciting.

Vegas is great place to go. We went and saw naked men, we went to a club, and we just saw everything. It was not as cheap as we thought it would be. There are no real cheap restaurants on the strip, so our cheapest meal was maybe $10. But we still had a blast. I would definitely go back, but next time I will drink more and more. And I would definitely spend more time at the pool.

MMM wanted to do the touristy stuff while we were there, and we did. We saw everything.

I am very tired. Yesterday I had to go back to work and quit my job.  I did, I don’t think they were very happy, but you know f*ck them. Also I think I am still on Vegas time. It sucks, and I want to go back.


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