me gusta mueve mueve

1 more day to I leave for las Vegas and I think I have tonsillitis. I am not freakin’ happy and I hope to God today at the doctors they put me on something so I can have a blast.  I can not believe this sh*t. I don’t want to be sick and I can’t be sick. I want to party like a rock star in Vegas this weekend.

I will not be sick anymore. I will be drunk and happy in las Vegas. I will not be sick. Positive reinforcement, positive reinforcement. I do not feel wonderful, but I am not sick. Positive reinforcement.

What the f*ck! My life, there is always something. What will it be next?

BTW, good news. I officially got the job and they are excited about me starting on the 20th. YAY, YAY!!

And I am totally in a coffee coma right now. And my vaca starts at 1230pm today. Wow!


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