20 questions

1.Where do men put their change at night? And do they get it again the next day to spend?

2.And why do people think it necessary to post everything they do on facebook? Really, get a life.

3.Why do people use the expression “have field day”?

4.Why do teenagers flock to malls? Do they not have anything better to do? As a teenager I did not hang out in a mall. I hung out at the awesome local waffle house. You could smoke in there.

5.Why are yawns contagious?

6.Why do women wear heels? I know they are sexy and everything but damn they kill my feet.

7.Why do people act like nobody is watching them? Yes you look weird.

8.Why do big men drive little vespas?

9.Do I look like someone who wants to talk to you? I don’t think so.

10.Why are weekends only 2 days and work weeks 5 days? Shouldn’t be the other way around?

11.Why do we pay so much in insurance every year just to have to meet a really big deductible?

12.And how the he’ll do people really live? I can never make enough money to stay a float.

13. Why are gas prices going up again?

14. Why is wine sooooo goood?

15. Why can a 2 year old make my day everyday?

16. Again do I look like someone who wants to talk to you? Really.

17. Why do people think it is cool to play games and do stupid ass sh*t on facebook? Get a damn life and no I don’t what to splash you I have better things to do. I think I need to cancel my facebook account.

18. Why do people always consider michealanglo’s Sistine chapel perfection? hehating painting and only wanted the carve the pope’s tomb. And it is far from perfect.

19. Why in the world would you have 5 wedding showers? You have been living on your own for years what could you possibly need? And let’s not replace all the old with all new, let recycle and protect our world.

20. Why is chocolate bark the greatest sweet treat ever?


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