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How the hell do you register for a $440 comforter? My wedding set did not even cost that much. What the hell? Really I can not afford anything that you have register for and therefore you will get a $25 gift card to bed, bath and beyond.

Now I have to plan the bachelorette party. What the hell do you want? Drag in ATL or drunken night in Savannah?? Questions, answers…

MMM states check out Savannah. To do to do…

Totally caffeine coma… will I sleep tonight?


So, I have changed jobs and currently have no health insurance for pumpkin and myself. Why the f*ck is it so damn expensive and crappy. If I pay say $4200 a year for coverage, I should not have to meet a deductible to do anything. I pay for this crap, pay the damn doctor and don’t freakin’ argue with me about it.

I really wish we would just go to socialized medicine. Everyone would be covered, granted it may take you 6 months to have surgery that you need, but at least we would get rid of the damn cheap*ss insurance agencies that only make money and provide absolutly no real coverage for the people that pay the damn bills.

All of this has really started because my insurance at my last job was kinda crappy and expensive and at my new job it is really crappy, but extremely cheap. So what should I do? Find decent private insurance or go with crappy and cheap? I have found some that I like the sound of it and it is only $372 a month with dental for me and pumpkin. I am going to go and talk to the human resources chick at work tomorrow and compare all the plans that I have come up with and make a decision and get some damn insurance. Pumpkin almost fell and hit his head on the toliet today. It could have been extremely bad and expensive.

So my mom is an operating room nurse at a local hospital and she stated that all the doctors were getting together and getting organized to protest the healthcare reform. They do not want government controled healthcare. You know why, because they can’t make any freakin’ money if uncle sam is footing the bill. If we had socialized medicine my life would be grand. I could take pumpkin to the clinic when he needs his check ups or to a sick clinic when he is sick. For me, I only go when I do not get better and really think I need an antibotic or once a year for a physical. Oh right, gyn once a year as well. Moe goes maybe 3-5 times a year, he does have asthma, but I really don’t think he does, but whatever doc. I will give him his medicine like instructed.

I digress. I don’t think that people think about all the old people that no longer have health insurance and how bad medicare actually sucks. Or the kids that don’t have health insurance because their parents don’t make enough to pay for it or make to much to get it free. And people b*tch and moan about welfare mothers. They can not make enough money to support their kids, let alone pay for their healthcare so they stay welfare mothers just to float. Has anyone ever thought of that? Has anyone ever thought about the single mothers out in the world who make decent money but still have to pay $372 a month for health insurance for their kids and then after that they might have just enough money to float, but still they live in the parents house because it either provide insurance for my child or get an apartment? And then don’t get me started on freakin’ daycare. I would if I could be a stay at home mom, just so I don’t have to pay a mortgage payment every month in daycare alone.

When the hell did life get like this. Remember when all you had to do was get up go to school, come home, do homework, play and then maybe chores! When did I start to care about what my government is doing about healthcare? I guess since I now have to find my own and keep my child covered. This is a great nation. Can we please try to work together and make it even better for pumpkin? That is all we should ever try to do is make it better for the next generation. Isn’t that what our grandparents and parents have done for us? And now we fight dirty in poltics and block great men and women from doing what is right. And then we listen to the idots who say that the presidents healthcare reform plan is all about ethynasa.
Now I must really stop because I could go on and on and on.

So, I have not been posting alot lately. I have been working on an awesome post though. I have been good. I hope all the peeps out in the web world have been good as well. I have started my new job, remember number 3 in the restoration of my life. I love it. It has been a bit slow for me lately but I am being trained to be a coordinator. I did come with some experience, but they still must train me. I have to learn how to do manual vital signs and phlebotomy (draw blood). I think I need to learn how the put in IVs as well, but that come when it is needed to be done. I learned how to get a person blood pressure today. I got it and was really surprise how easy it actually is. I just now need to practice on the peeps I work with.

One of the girls, C-C, has a dry eraser board over her desk and would like us to put quotes of the day up. Today, mine was “Same Bat time, same bat channel.” An awesome throwback to the classic Batman show with Adam West. I loved that show as a kid. In the summer I would watch all the old shows like that. Now it is near impossible to find them even on Nick at Night. I hope that all you peeps out there know what I am talking about. Classic Batman, the incredible hulk, Wonder Woman. Linda Carter now that woman should be my hero. She still looks fabulous now and to me she is still the ultimate Wonder Woman. Yes wonder woman was my hero as a child. I remember going to the comic book store with my oldest brother for him to get comics. Yes he collected comics. He would always get me a wonder woman comic. That comic book store is still open, which I find quite strange. I would have thought that everything would be electronic now, but I guess there is nothing like reading a real comic book. I need to make sure that pumpkin knows that feeling. I digress, but you know that is me. You can even throw in Lavern and shirley, Happy days, Gilligan’s Island, and so forth. I never did like 3 company. I always thought it was cheesy. I really wish they would show all that stuff again. Somedays I get tired of NCIS, Law and Order, and CSI. Because you know that is all they ever have on now.

 Bring back the Classic I say. Let’s revolt to the TV industry until they put on some worthy shows again. But too reality. I have been so awesome.

I need to continue to work on the restoration of my life, but so far so good. I have nothing I need or want right now. Well I take that back my health insurance at the new job sucks as much as my last job, so now I need to find some private insurance, but other then that nothing I need or want right now.

For lack of better words life is good… Later. My hair dyeing is done and starting to burn on my scalp.