I want to party all night and sleep all day, and blow all my problems away

I am a tool and I really need to get laid and it was very obvious to my coworkers today and that makes me really really really sad.

Life is life and I also thought that no one ever reads this here blog of mine, but then I thought I don’t really write anything that anyone would probably want to read. My life is dull. I need to get the hell out more and more and more.


So what has been going on… I decided that pumpkin and I would go on vacation to Maine next year. I am very excited I have never been to Maine and I really do want to travel all over the USA and take pumps along in the process. Our first stop on this adventure called the great US of A. He won’t remember a damn thing, but I will. I guess that is all that matters.

It seems really cool. The place I want to go is south of Portland and has this great looking pier and an awesome looking beach. We can rent a condo or house for about $600 a week and then there is airfare and rent-a-car.

So the question is now? Pay for divorce (I have already put that off to go to Vegas and that really got me no where in the getting laid department) or go to Maine. Hmm? I really want a divorce I need to rid myself of any legal binding to OHM, but really we are not together and we never will be again. Does it matter? We don’t have to pay taxes together, I hope and maybe he will come on vacation  with us. I shall ask. Anyway back to divorce or Maine? I really think Maine is going to win, unless I can come up with $5000 by next August and then and only then will it be both.

I think I need to stop wanting to go on vacation instead of getting a divorce. You can totally see where my priorities lay!

I love my job, not so sure about people I work with. One you really need to watch your back around her. She is that type that will do whatever it takes to make herself look good and everyone else look bad and she totally sucks. She does not know how to read a f*ckin’ protocol to do her damn job. IT SAYS “OR” NOT “AND” “OR”. What is so F*CKIN’ hard about “OR”. One thing or the other or the other. Really. God she sucks.

Anyway everyone else I work with is really cool. Laid back on medication, the usual for clinical research. tired of getting blamed for sh*t they didn’t do. It is the same wherever I shall go, I just need to pick a place where I can trust and respect management. No problems yet, but we shall see.

I need wine. I have been so damn grumpy lately.

Do you think it is odd that “blog” is not a spell check word on a blog website? Things that make you go hmmm.


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