Just drop me off at home

I have deleted my facebook account. I need to send a mass e-mail to all my peeps and let them know to keep in touch via e-mail, not lame-o facebook. Man I feel good.

I think I shall begin the revolution. Blogs are the new way to stay up and on the world around us.

You know I tried twitter for about a day and it was oh!! sooo lame!! I don’t get it, really it is becoming a bit stalkerish and scary!

I love my blog, people don’t really pay attention to what the hell I am doing and they don’t reply with stupid shit and they don’t tell me about everything they are doing all freakin’ day. I don’t CARE that you went to the gym with only 1 sock. You are retarded, quit invading my space and bringing me down man (circa 1969)!

I am currently ridding my computer of all things OHM. He never did this. All I want to do is get the damn pictures off my phone and it will take 30 minutes to download itunes on moms computer and it is taking forever to delete this crazy *ss sh*t off my computer. All I want is too take the pics off my phone and update it. I need the Internet to do such and my computer is not plugged into the Internet, Mom’s is. It really sucks. I need some wireless going on in the house and I need a new laptop. Maybe I shall do that. I do have some money and I can call bellsouth and see what kind of router I would need and then get a new computer then I can blog all night in my room if I choose too. Man that would be totally awesome. That was kinda lame-o, my bad. I shall do better, but I love to write and no one here seems to care what I write about.

But reality. I don’t need a new computer, but it would be nice to have that OHM has never f*cked up and wireless. Bellsouth will want to charge for that maybe I should go to best buy and have a chat or I could talk to the IT guy cal number 1 PJK, my oldest bro. I think I shall call on him for his help. You know he hates being the IT guy, he became our father. I find that funny because that is what number 2 DCK wants and that is what number 1 got. Life’s a bitch.

I saw a hummer today and thought to myself “that is a environmentally irresponsible person.” Who the hell needs a hummer and why the hell? You a single handedly killing our atmosphere and I have a child that I would like to leave a planet to. Please everyone unit and save our planet. Baby steps, start with a small thing like reusable grocery bags and then move on from there. If need some advice google it or you can leave a message here. I have some great ideas and I am currently working on Mom to make the house more eco-friendly. I want solar panels and water recycle system. I want to get off the grid as the foil headed ones say.

One more program to go and then delete OHM. Man this feels so good.

Hey MMM e-mailed me earlier and stated that you can get divorce papers for $35 from office max. I am getting a divorce and then it is like $80 to file with the courts. I can get divorced and still go to Maine. I can totally afford $115. You never know what kind of information you will receive on a daily basis.

Deleting OHM. If you could only see the smile on my face right now, you would laugh you arse (yes British) off.

MMM called me witty one day. I wonder if I try harder now then I used too? I think being witty is just something that comes when I am on a roll or in a coffee coma. I could use some coffee but it is almost bed time. I have to work tomorrow.

So random tonight I know but I have nothing else to do at the moment and this computer sh*t is taking to long and I can no longer blog at work. Everything is blocked including things I need to access. It totally sucks, anyway back to my original thought. I know I am spacey!

Original thought. I have been dying my hair (sorry coloring) for the last 3 months and the gray roots just keep coming back. I now remember why I stopped 3 years ago. Actually there were 2 reasons. 1. Too much upkeep. 2. I was pregos. I am no longer pregos (I HAVE MY PUMPKIN!) and I really hate the upkeep of being a girl. It totally sucks. I think I shall stop coloring my hair unless I go blond, hmmm? That is a thought.

  1. Marilyn said:

    I did a do-it-yourself divorce 35 yrs ago. Filled out and filed the papers myself. It’s a little more complicated with Mo, but you can do it. DO IT!!!

    • jennifermbow said:

      Thanks I will and I am. How is it going? I miss you guys alot.

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