pieces of jennifer's body

So, I have a new career. I can do it on the side. Help people get organized. I love to do that. Tomorrow my 1st client, MKB from work. I will help her in her house and pumps is coming. I hope he is okay and let’s me work. we shall see.

Not much been going on. I do have a lot to write about, just craziness in my head, but I not sure I feel like writing right now.

Later Hater.

  1. CARTER said:

    Hey Mbow!! I miss you bunches! Are you organizing the heck out of your new job? Everyone ask about you and we still need to get together.

    • jennifermbow said:

      yes we do need to get together, but unfortunately some “people” can’t seem to get it together and let me know of a date. I don’t think we will see each other until Ashley’s wedding or bachalorette party if that ever happens. I miss you guys so much. The girls I work with pissed me off today about Oumar’s papers and one of the girls who reminds a little bit of Maria mixed with Deanna, keeps telling me that my son needs a man in his life and I should do whatever it takes to keep Oumar around or find another. If I could only explain, you guys would never say that to me or piss me off that much. I really missed you today.
      I think I might have some peeps over Saturday if interested. Probably you, Michelle and ask Kendra and April if interested. I’ll call Ashley. Since Mom is out of town, I can put Moe to bed and drink large amounts of wine. If interested let me know. You can crash here if you would like.

  2. Marilyn said:

    OK. So when I was away on vacation, you disappeared from FB. That’s okay, the real you exists here, so I’ll keep up that way. Miss you still. Lunch is NOT the same.

    • jennifermbow said:

      Sorry I don’t have your email and I was tired of all the fb spam. And you are right it is the real me here.

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