let me tell you about the revolution, yeah you know

So the girls I work with, wow. Today it was woman’s Liberation has gone to far. Women need to step back and run the house and take care of the children and let the men be the financiall support. I totally kept my mouth shut.

They were going on and on about women don’t take any mistreatment and they should and about men used to cheat and the marriage would still last.and women would just put up with it. About women do not listen to their men and do what they say. One of then actually said womem should be submissive. And thet claim it was all about family. Do you know probably how many people were miserable back then?

F*ck all that sh*t. I will not let anyone tell me what to do. I have my own mind and I can think for myself. In a relationship you and your partner should be equals. You should each put in the same amount and each get the same out.

Many women in the past have worked for this freedom and I am not about to let all their hard work go to waste. I know that I am equal to every other human out there and every other human is equal to me. I find it sad that my coworkers don’t. I find it sad that they want to repress themselves. My mother raised me to be a strong confident woman who is perfectly capable of taking care of myself and any child that comes along.

I was so shocked. I hope I hide it well from them. Wow, wow, wow!

I miss my old coworkers. They are not this stupid.


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