all you want

So I was staring at this hot African guy (maybe) going up to smoke and on my way back he was returning as well and he was staring at me. He smiled and said hello,I said hello, but damn escalators keep on going. How the hell do you pick up a guy? I don’t think I have ever done that, well maybe drunk. Hmmm, he was good looking. And I look like crap today.

I have decided I am lame since I posted this entry, no maybe just horny. It’s been awhile and I have been contemplating dating and it frightens me. I have never been much of a dater and I really don’t want be now either. I really just want regular sex and how to proposition a guy for that? I would think they would be up for it but I don’t want to look slutty. Dilemma.

Oh BTW I hope you have notice more blogging and you like it. Since I have become bored and developed a true hate for FB, I have been blogging more and more. I forgot how much I enjoyed this when I started. Okay I need to do something, maybe clean the house? iTunes on the computer to update this here phone.


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