Come on ride that train and ride it

So I had to go to court today for ohm and it went fine and they have reapplied fir him and we are waiting for an interview.
He did not get good directions and I got lost and I was oh so pissed. I was so angry at Atlanta city planner who thought it was a good idea for there to be multiple streets with the same name and address to go down then back up then down again and there to be a ne and sw part of a street. Who the he’ll thought that was a good idea?
And that is not even the half of it.
Last night at about 1130 so woman called me asking me if I was ohm’s wife and if we had a child together and that she has been his girlfriend for the last 2 and 1/2 years. I am not surprised at this. I tell her it is late call me at some decent time. I call ohm and she is a liar. What does this women gain from lying to me? NOTHING. Okay whatever I don’t freaking want you but my kid will stay the hell out of all this mess.
Today she sends me a text of what lies he has told her. I am a drug addict that he helped get off drugs, an exgirlfriend, I got pregnant by my exboyfriend and my mom threw me out of the house and I needed a place to stay and that he didn’t know our child was his until a few months ago when he had a paternity test done. Lies lies lies. I called the woman today and apoligized for being rude and to tell her to run far away from him a far as she can. I am not really upset that he cheated on me in my own house with me there when I was 7 months pregnant with his child as much as I am that he denied it was his child to another. You can say what you Wang about me but you do not deny your own child. If pumps ever finds out do you what that can do to him? It could ruin him.
Hell hath no fury as a woman scorn.
Welcome to hell bitch, you have no idea what is about to hit you.


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