It's the end of the world as you know it

So I am no longer mad at ohm, but I am not sure I can forgive him. I am still filing for divorce. I am still asking for full custody, supervise visitation and child support. I will not go to the INS appointment.
I feel just feel so used and manipulated. I don’t know if I can forgive. I hope i can be civil to him, at least for the sake of
my son. I want him to have a father, but I don’t see that ever happening with ohm. I realized this weekend my brother spends more time with pumpkin then ohm does. It breaks my heart.
I spent the weekend being pissed and irrational to ohm and I was able to aplogize to him. He keeps aplogizing to me, but I am not ready to accept. I told him the past is the past and nothing can be done about it. For my own sake and the sake of my child I must not be mad and I must move on.
Btw I look great today.


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