come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be

So I looked up some stuff online about letting go of exs, and it said to cut all ties. Unfortunately I have to deal with OHM. He is the father of my child.

He showed up yesterday with shoes for Pumps that were too small. He also said that he bought him 4 pairs and they were also the too small size. Hey jerkoff, why don’t you pay your child support instead of buying your kid stuff he doesn’t need and is not going to wear.

What a f*ckin’ jerk!

I had the best weekend. I was in Pittsburgh for my cousin’s wedding and I got to see all my family that I have not seen in about 6 years. It was great. I love Pittsburgh and think I want to move there, just to be close to my family. I never had that growing up and I would like pumps to have it as he grows up. It has always just been my parents and my brothers. And i truly do love all of my family. They are freakin’ fantastic.

Maybe when Mom retires we will go back to Pitt. I know she doesn’t want the snow, but there is alot of research up there. And I know me and pumps could have a good life.

I really think I just want to get away so OHM can’t just show up at the house and see pumps alot. I know that is wrong and not fair to pumps or OHM, but I don’t trust him and don’t like him and I don’t think he should be around my child. I as a good parent can not allow someone I don’t trust around my child. Plus I think  it would really piss OHM off, and that would be good.

 I need to write more, later. I need to work now.


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