Why should i

So ohm called, sorry extremely bored at work. I missed it and returned his call. He was telling me he couldn’t change the shoes he bought for pumps, so I could take them back when I got them. He said I was right. Pumps does not need more then 1 pair of shoes and he knows I take care of these things and he is going to give me money after he gets his 1 bedroom apartment. I was extremely pleasant which lately is unusual for me to behave toward him but he was pleasant. I told him I do not trust and I do not want him alone with pumps right now. He actually stated that he understood and that he was working on building that trust again. I am not sure I will ever trust him. I really just wish me and pumps could just run away and just be by ourselves and live without all ohm’s craziness. But legally I can’t. It sucks.
I don’t know. I called the therapist today but have not heard back from them. I should try again. I need to look like I am actually working. So hard not much to do.


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