Monthly Archives: October 2009

So I have been neglecting being me for a while. My bad I have missed my random craziness and I would like to say that I am back.

1st I realized that if ohm is in another state I am quite happy. Yes I need to move or that rat bastard needs to be deported. Whatever comes first would
make me happy.

2nd I really need to get laid and have been thinking about picking up guys lately. Not sure about the whole
Picking up guys but getting laid definitely. It would be about a year since I had sex and that is very very depressing. I am going to have cobwebs soon. I am too young for that. I don’t want a relationship just sex. Is that really too much to ask for? I think not, but I probably need to go out and meet guys instead of bitching about it on this here blog. Yep go out more! Hmmm, hard to do with a 2 year old.

3rd I am teaching my 2 year how to be crazy. Epic lightsaber battles, nerd gun wars and so forth. And the girls, well actually women, i work with think I am a complete nut. I hope that pumps is always true to himself and knows how to have fun. I hope I can at least teach him that.

4th I have seen 2 “little people” at my work in 2 days. I love “little people” they just seem so cool. I know they probably hate it, but you need to play the hand dealt to you and they seem to do a fab job at it. Props, mad props to all the little peeps in the world!

5th I have decided it is very complicated getting a divorce. I need the past year in paycheck stubs, 3 years of tax returns and all kinds of other crazy shit that I have no idea want it actually is. Thank god I have a lawyer to tell me what they need. and yes I have spent 1 hour tonight getting all that crap together to do a mad fax to them tomorrow. I didn’t even do
The work I needed to for tomorrow because in my head list of things to do DIVORCE is number 1.

5.1th divorce is a funny looking word. And no I have not been drinking imam just being me.

6th I am throwing myself a divorce party when it is all done. Mmm went to this bachelorette party and there was this stripper with tricks. I need to see the tricks. So I am have a divorce party with strippers. I can’t wait. Kas said she didn’t want to see strippers but she has to, I take no answer but you are coming and having a great time. I need my bffs by my side.

7th I need to sleep. Later hater


I think I want teach college. This requires a PhD or PsyD and I am not sure I want 6 more years of school. Now for a PhD I would have to take and master the GRE, don’t want to do that.
What to do? What to do? I absolutely love my current career, but I really want to finish what I started back in 1997. I would be a doctor, well a fake doctor. What to do?

Maybe I should talk to mmm and kmas about this. Maybe even mom. Let’s think so more.

So I haven’t written in a while. Busy with life I guess.
Last saturday was kmas bachelorette party. It was so much fun. Drag queens are so fabulous. And we got drunk and danced and partied. I need to get out more and so does kmas. Mmm goes out enough, maybe she needs to take us out more.
I decided that I am the annonying drunk girl who has to talk to everyone. I don’ t freakin’ shut up. I have fun but I probably get on people’s nerves.

So I work in clinical research, and I do not know how to draw blood. So I asked one of my coworkers to do it for
me, like always. She was drawing the blood and I noticed that she had missed one of the serum tubes. The serum tubes must be drawn first because the other tubes have preservatives in them and you don’t want to contaminate the blood. So I asked ” do you forget a tube?”
She said “no. There is an order to drawing the tubes. It is fine.” and then She proceeded to tell me that she used to run a lab and that is how it is done.
Okay, I have never run a lab and I don’t know how to do this so okay.
I get back to the office. Now done with my patient.
She says to me “you can draw your own labs from now on. Don’t second guess me in front of a patient.”
I said “I am sorry. That was not what I was doing, but okay.”
I looked at my lab manual and on my lab recquistion. I was fuckin’ right. There is an order to the tubes and she did it wrong. So now probably (I hope not) my labs will come back fucked up and I will now have to call the patient. In and have them redone.
Really I can fucking read and I pay attention because I don’t know how to do it and I want to learn. So now I have to ask the MAs at work to draw my blood until I can learn. They will not be happy.
I am sorry if I was inapproriate or rude, but I was not wrong.
She did not speak to me for the rest of the day. And I don’t except her to speak to me anymore. I hate fucking working with women. They are so fucking catty and stupid. I am not sure if I need to tell my boss now or what. I did tell mkb. She knew amb was wrong.

So on my way home from work today a 30 seconds to mars song came on. I have to redo my list.

1. Jason statham
2. Keanu reeves
3. Gerald butler
4. Jared Leto
5. Vince vaghn

I can’t spell. Sorry Carey hart I forgot about jared Leto. He is hot and a rocker. Those blue eyes fabulous.


I am so freaking bored. I really need more to do. I don’t want to fuck shit up but I need more work. Idle minds wander. And man I have been wandering.
I decided last night, the next guy I am with must love the beastie boys as much as me. He needs to know all the albums and not just popular ones. I am talking some old bullshit, paul’s bontique, check your head. He will have alot to live up too. My standards of the beasties is really freaking high.
I need to do something. I want to do something, but I am a bit broke right now and I have a bachelorette party on sat, a therapist appointment on Thursday. And no child support from ohm. I will be find. My palm was itchy on Sunday.
I love to eavesdrop on the girls I work with. They are so crazy. One of them makes herself so important and she completely sucks at her job. She can’t read a protocol and when she was hired she thought she was going to be a crc and she is just the recruiter. Now she is going to be the intake coordinator. I wonder of they know what that actually involves. We shall see.
I am so bored and I have nothing to talk about.
Except when my divorce is final I want a party. A really big house party with a fabulous completely naked, well hung fantastic stripper. Mmm meet one last weekend, I hope she got his number. And I want alcohol. Maybe a keg of woodpecker and a pitcher of cosmo. All my peeps are invited! There is only 1 problem with this plan, I need a house to throw it at. And last time I threw a party nobody really showed up. We sure had fun!
I need to find something to do.

So this morning on my way to work, random thought occured. Cows, why do aliens always seem to take them?
Well this thought all began because yesterday I was watching Nottingham hill. And in that movie there was a woman who was a fruitarian (think spelled correctly, not really sure) and she did not eat anything unless it fell from the tree or vine or whatever. She said that some carrots had been murdered. So then my brain went to do we murder cows, yes I think I should become a vegietarian. Then I thought what if cows are really smart and understood what we do to them? That would explain why aliens take them. The cows probably say to the aliens, get me the fuck out of here these crazy things are going to eat me.
And then that was it. Random my brain has returned.