Beverly hills, that's where i want to be

Okay 2 things.
1st why do people wear shirts with pictures of other people on them. I know, I know when I was maybe 10 I sported an awesome NKOTB shirt with a fab picnic Jonathan, my personal fav, but I was 10. I now see grown men walking around with other men plastered on the front of their chests and it truely distrubs me.
2nd- crap now I don’t remember. What the hell was it. Oh yeah, I think I want to get my nose peirced. I wonder if it would look good on me? I need to talk to mmm she has hers done. And do you think I could get away with it at work? That I guess is the real question, they are extremely professional around here.
You know I should just get the Tat I want and be done with it, but you know me I can’t make up my mind.


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