slow poison

So I am still angry. Not irrational but angry. Ohm won’t admit that he mistreated me used me. He keeps telling me I am just crazy and unhappy. I have a great life, a great job, a great son, a great family, and a great family. I am in such great place in my life. I have been happy, I am happy. I could deal with regular sex, but other then that I am good. That man wasted my time, well not completely I do have the bestest pumpkin in the whole world. I just can figure out when he became such a bad person.
I have also decided that ohm is not worth any of this. He was never good enough for me and he is not good enough for pumpkin.
I need to be civil. I need to let go. I need to find someone and f*ck the hell out of them.
I have an appointment with a therapist next week. It can not come soon enough. I need to work through my feelings and get on with it.
I think that he thinks I am sitting around pining over him. I am not I am justt shocked and angry at him and his behavior.
I am done.


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