I am about to take shots, get crunk off goose

So today started as a very crappy day. Ohm shit as usual. I got about 4 calls from one of my best friends, kmas. I might see her tomorrow. We had a great conversation. I never told her about ohm because she is getting married in a few weeks and I am sure she is stressed. I didn’t want to ruin this time for her. I love my kmas and I wNt the next few weeks to only be about her. I will be fine and talking only pisses me off more. I hope to see her tomorrow I do miss my kmas. I used to work with her and saw her everyday. I miss that and now she lives on the other side of the world and that is really fucking far. I need to be a better friend. I will meet her where ever. We will. Coffe after work. Dinner on a weekend. I have come to love the ATL and we will spend alot of time there in the future.
And then mmm called and said drinks, well actually beer. I was thinking that same thing in the morning, but I didn’t want to bother her. She has been busy lately and I knew she had things to do this weekend. I am glad she called.
Taco mac at 9 pm.
I have such a great life. I have the best friends in the world and a wonderful family and the bestest pumpkin. So in the end today was awesome. I need to get out talk to my friends and have fun.
Mom and pumps and me went to walmart today. Me and pumps tried to have a sword fight in the toy department but. Mom wasn’t feeling good so I felt bad and we got on with our shopping. I promise to take pumps to toys r us soon to run around the store and play with all the toys. I should have bought the swords so we can have sword fights at home.
And then I bought a $5 purple wig. I am wearing it to the bachelorette party next week. It will be Awesome!
And then later drinks with mmm. We had such a good time. We talked and I decided that ohm was winning by being such a jerk, but you know I am the actual winner. I always will be. And then we discussed everything. Going out and clubbing and just hanging out girl time. Tatoos and nose rings. And plans for the future. It was a great way to end this crazy roller coaster of a few weeks.
And then I saw a VW bus on my way home. It made me really happy.
Life is crazy. You never know what to expect and then the shit hits the fan and then it is back to normal.
I will always win.


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