Why i think it's booty, booty, booty,that's what is is.

So this morning on my way to work, random thought occured. Cows, why do aliens always seem to take them?
Well this thought all began because yesterday I was watching Nottingham hill. And in that movie there was a woman who was a fruitarian (think spelled correctly, not really sure) and she did not eat anything unless it fell from the tree or vine or whatever. She said that some carrots had been murdered. So then my brain went to do we murder cows, yes I think I should become a vegietarian. Then I thought what if cows are really smart and understood what we do to them? That would explain why aliens take them. The cows probably say to the aliens, get me the fuck out of here these crazy things are going to eat me.
And then that was it. Random my brain has returned.



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