Get it together, see what happening

I am so freaking bored. I really need more to do. I don’t want to fuck shit up but I need more work. Idle minds wander. And man I have been wandering.
I decided last night, the next guy I am with must love the beastie boys as much as me. He needs to know all the albums and not just popular ones. I am talking some old bullshit, paul’s bontique, check your head. He will have alot to live up too. My standards of the beasties is really freaking high.
I need to do something. I want to do something, but I am a bit broke right now and I have a bachelorette party on sat, a therapist appointment on Thursday. And no child support from ohm. I will be find. My palm was itchy on Sunday.
I love to eavesdrop on the girls I work with. They are so crazy. One of them makes herself so important and she completely sucks at her job. She can’t read a protocol and when she was hired she thought she was going to be a crc and she is just the recruiter. Now she is going to be the intake coordinator. I wonder of they know what that actually involves. We shall see.
I am so bored and I have nothing to talk about.
Except when my divorce is final I want a party. A really big house party with a fabulous completely naked, well hung fantastic stripper. Mmm meet one last weekend, I hope she got his number. And I want alcohol. Maybe a keg of woodpecker and a pitcher of cosmo. All my peeps are invited! There is only 1 problem with this plan, I need a house to throw it at. And last time I threw a party nobody really showed up. We sure had fun!
I need to find something to do.


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