I make you act a fool, up in here, up in here

So I work in clinical research, and I do not know how to draw blood. So I asked one of my coworkers to do it for
me, like always. She was drawing the blood and I noticed that she had missed one of the serum tubes. The serum tubes must be drawn first because the other tubes have preservatives in them and you don’t want to contaminate the blood. So I asked ” do you forget a tube?”
She said “no. There is an order to drawing the tubes. It is fine.” and then She proceeded to tell me that she used to run a lab and that is how it is done.
Okay, I have never run a lab and I don’t know how to do this so okay.
I get back to the office. Now done with my patient.
She says to me “you can draw your own labs from now on. Don’t second guess me in front of a patient.”
I said “I am sorry. That was not what I was doing, but okay.”
I looked at my lab manual and on my lab recquistion. I was fuckin’ right. There is an order to the tubes and she did it wrong. So now probably (I hope not) my labs will come back fucked up and I will now have to call the patient. In and have them redone.
Really I can fucking read and I pay attention because I don’t know how to do it and I want to learn. So now I have to ask the MAs at work to draw my blood until I can learn. They will not be happy.
I am sorry if I was inapproriate or rude, but I was not wrong.
She did not speak to me for the rest of the day. And I don’t except her to speak to me anymore. I hate fucking working with women. They are so fucking catty and stupid. I am not sure if I need to tell my boss now or what. I did tell mkb. She knew amb was wrong.


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