Well i think i'm losing my mind, this time, this time i'm losing my mind

So I have been neglecting being me for a while. My bad I have missed my random craziness and I would like to say that I am back.

1st I realized that if ohm is in another state I am quite happy. Yes I need to move or that rat bastard needs to be deported. Whatever comes first would
make me happy.

2nd I really need to get laid and have been thinking about picking up guys lately. Not sure about the whole
Picking up guys but getting laid definitely. It would be about a year since I had sex and that is very very depressing. I am going to have cobwebs soon. I am too young for that. I don’t want a relationship just sex. Is that really too much to ask for? I think not, but I probably need to go out and meet guys instead of bitching about it on this here blog. Yep go out more! Hmmm, hard to do with a 2 year old.

3rd I am teaching my 2 year how to be crazy. Epic lightsaber battles, nerd gun wars and so forth. And the girls, well actually women, i work with think I am a complete nut. I hope that pumps is always true to himself and knows how to have fun. I hope I can at least teach him that.

4th I have seen 2 “little people” at my work in 2 days. I love “little people” they just seem so cool. I know they probably hate it, but you need to play the hand dealt to you and they seem to do a fab job at it. Props, mad props to all the little peeps in the world!

5th I have decided it is very complicated getting a divorce. I need the past year in paycheck stubs, 3 years of tax returns and all kinds of other crazy shit that I have no idea want it actually is. Thank god I have a lawyer to tell me what they need. and yes I have spent 1 hour tonight getting all that crap together to do a mad fax to them tomorrow. I didn’t even do
The work I needed to for tomorrow because in my head list of things to do DIVORCE is number 1.

5.1th divorce is a funny looking word. And no I have not been drinking imam just being me.

6th I am throwing myself a divorce party when it is all done. Mmm went to this bachelorette party and there was this stripper with tricks. I need to see the tricks. So I am have a divorce party with strippers. I can’t wait. Kas said she didn’t want to see strippers but she has to, I take no answer but you are coming and having a great time. I need my bffs by my side.

7th I need to sleep. Later hater


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