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image1084954667.jpgTrain table for pumps. I just
Got the base on, now time for the rest.


so I am still fighting with ohm. I am just so angry. well I think I litr a fire in his ass tonight. hehas threatened to takes pumps and he is like there is nothing I can do. he keeps telling me I am lying about all the things he has done. and he thinks he is a “good person” and I have turned mom againist him. sorry to break your heart ohm, mom hated you long before we got married.
So my brother, dck, was over tonight and he said I am acting like I still care. I don’t think so but I think I must think about that.
I am just so angry that he abandon us. more pumps then me. he told his girlfriend that pumps was not his kid. that I am sorry ohm is abandonment.
I am just so tired of bring angry and having to deal with him. we have a life and it doesn’t envolve him.
this all started because I don’t answer when he calls. I don’t care I have nothing to say to him. I have asked for a schedule for when he plans to see my son, but he won’t give it to me. we were out and he was an ass. he was at the house I told him again I would like a schedule. he said we need to go to court and then he would get a schedule until then I need to just deal. well not actually but that was it. I told hi
he abandon his child and he needed to
leave. not sure want else happened but m yelled for us to stop fighting and told him to leave. he sat in his car and then
came back to the door. I told him he was not welcome and needed to leave.
I am so tired of all of this I just don’t know what to do. mom thinks I can’t keep ohm away if he shows up. that will only hurt pumps. I know it will, but my son deserves so much better.
I guess I will call and find out what time he is coming.
what is best for pumps?

so pumps is getting a train table for christmas. I have set up the track. I just need to make a few adjustments and trace and then it is off to the paint shop called my basement. I hope he loves it. I hope that it gets a lot of use.

I will get some pics and post tomorrow.

I know that I have not been my crafty self lately but I think that is going to be my new years resolution and I shall begin actually right now. There is no reason why I can’t crochet and watch TV or work on some sewing project.  I just need to fix the selves in my room and then get all my stuff organized and then I shall finish that damn book I started like 6 months ago. I would like to give it to pumps for christmas. and I want to make presents this year I need to find a great bag pattern I think for mmm and funky hat for pjk and kmas and mom and dck will have to come to me. i did just find a great hat pattern to crochet for myself. I am about to go look for some black yarn and hopefully get started today. Work should be slow tomorrow I plan on taking it with me and working on it there tomorrow.

Later, I think it time to deal with the room…

So I am completely bored tidy and there is No hope of leaving anytime soon. What the f*ck! Why must we be tortured like this? I really need something to do and they have everything blocked on the Internet on the damn work computers. I wonder if my laptop would be blocked if I brought it in and plug it up? Probably.

Yes, yes I know I have not been writing much lately, just too freaking busy with life. Well how is my life going? Thanks for asking, it has been well the same. I work, I come home, I play with pumps and then he goes to sleep. I pick up the house and then I go to bed and repeat every freaking day. I know it is not going to change, pumps makes it this way, but I really think I need to get a life. I just hate to leave him or not be there for him. His father is practically gone and I feel like I should be there.

I have not been completley bored. I have gone out with my friends and done things around the house and stuff. I know I seem like I am complaining, but really it is not that bad.

And the whole divorce is going. I had to turn in a bunch of paperwork to fill with the courts. It is done and now I am just waiting on ohm to get served and hopefully get this over with soon. I am ready to be free of him.

So thanksgiving is coming up and the girls I worked with asked me if ohm was coming. I said no he is not apart of my family and he is not invited to thanksgiving. They were like he is pumps dad and you need to make friends with him. No I don’t and if anyone needs to be trying to make friends with anyone it is ohm with me. I have given him everything I could possibly given him and I have nothing left. I now need to make sure that pumps and myself are okay and taken care of. I can’t be friends with him. I have tried and he has just kept on doing what it is that he does. He beds to fix this and he doesn’t care, he doesn’t want too.

You lately he has been calling mom mom and that just has me totally pissed off. She is not his mom and again not apart of our family. And then Monday or Sunday he left a chandlier at the house for mom. He go it for $15. he has not paid child support in 2 weeks or more (not sure how long) and he is wasting money on stuff we don’t need. Why don’t you take care of your child? I mean you are a man enough to produce sperm and Fuck, take care of your damn responsiblities before you waste money! Jackass!

Okay done. You know I am so tired of him. I really just wish he would go away and leave us alone. I truely think that we would be so much better without him. Pumps is young he won’t remember and when he does ohm is just going to break his heart. I don’t know. I am just so tired of him and him invading my mind and heart. He needs to get the fuck on and I think I am the only one who can do that. Damn I hate self-realization. Why do I have to do this shit?


I think I need some beer or maybe just good sex? Huh?

So in my boredom at work today I went to and di their little test thing. I answered all the questions to the best of my ability. I thought to myself how acurate are these personality test, yes it is just a personality test? Who knows? Well when I was done I went to get my matches. It said according to our records you are still married. No shit Sherlock I am getting a divorce and am seperated. I really want to call a chew someone out about that.

Anyway I am not sure what I should do about the whole online dating thing? Will I be a loser? No I don’t think so. Well mmm might call me lame, but I am sure that eharmony is not for her. I don’t go anywhere to meet people and ms. McCormick’s mom always said you will never meet anyone in your living room. And then there is actual dating services and speed dating and all kinds of crap. I don’t necessary want to meet someone to marry just someone to Fuck and hang out with would be nice. I don’t need a relationship. And then I think of the people that have hit on me in the past eww! I need something to filter them. No more dirty sanchez’ please! What to do what to do?

I am so freaking bored and no one is in the office right now and we can’t freaking leave this is just nuts. And I have to work on Friday! Boo!

I need plan and I need to think for a while.

So chritmas is coming up and I have decided to make pumps a train table. I have purchased a used train table and train track (all wooden from a consignment sale) for about $30.00. Pumps loves thomas the train, so I then went to toys r us and purchased $300.00 worth of thomas stuff. Yes I know what the fuck that is just way to much money, but it will be so awesome.

Next step is to lay out the track and make a thomas the train land. I then plan on painting the table and glueing the track down. Pumps is only 2 and seems to liek to rip up the track and then he gts really really mad. It will be so cut when it is done and he is going to love it. I can’t wait. I will post some pics of the progress as I get to work on it.


So, this hot guy is cleaning the windows at work. I have so many questions.

1. Do you have to know how the rock climb to clean the windows?

2. How long does it take you to do the whole building?

3. Are you working by yourself?

4. How do you make?

5. Is it scary up around the top floors?

BTW, did I mention he was hot. I want to know more about this industry of cleaning windows in high rise buildings.