All i want to do is have some fun.

So, Saturday was Halloween. My fav!!

Pumpkin was Thomas the train and loved it. Once he figured out that you go to the houses to get candy he was on like Donkey Kong! He did not always say “trick or treat” or thank you, but we are 2, so what do you expect.

When we got home, he would not share his candy with any one. He did seem to forget about it by the next day, which is good. I do not want rotten teeth by the time we are 3. I need to put it up. It was mostly stuff he doesn’t like anyway- chocolate.

Later that night, MMM and I went to a bar in Marietta, Nick’s place. There was a band playing and some family and friends of MMM went so I tagged along. First we went to MMM’s sister’s house (L-M) and she had these bop it inflatable boxing gloves. They were so cool. I of course just picked the up and then MMM put the others on and we boxed. They were so much fun and I totally kicked MMM butt. She is shorter than me though. Then we finally left, everyone else showed up.

At the bar… What a place! There were some really interesting characters and MMM and I determined we need to hang out there more often. The crowd was a mix, mostly young, but then there were about 5 old creepy men. One of then was standing there talking to MMM and I asked her something and then he was holding her hand. Why was old creepy man number 1 holding MMM hand? Who freaking knows but I wanted him to leave but he did not seem to go away.

There was this one chick, name unknown, who was dressed as a vampire. We ended up watching her purse and cigarettes all night. And he was extremely drunk. She kept asking us if her lips were okay. Weird.

There was this guy dressed up as a blind date. He was extremely lame, but the costume idea was completely fantastic.

MMM stole some guy’s beer. I guess she wanted another and he was extremely drunk. I got a pirate hat from MMM’s cousin (whom by the way was so freaking weird I can’t describe it, I really think I need to spend more time with him and maybe devote a whole entry to him).

It was a fantastic night. The entertainment value was great. I had to finally leave when the person dressed as a dirty Sanchez decided to hit on me. Oh it was so gross and as I was leaving one the friends of MMM was so serious about the dirty Sanchez digging on me. GROSS, GROSS!!!!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot we found Jesus. His name is Jeffery and we had met him before at a Starbucks. I took a pic but it is one my phone I shall post later.

I now have confirmed that I completely love Halloween!



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