I got 5 on it, come on smoke that endo weed.

So, I have not been posting alot lately. I have been working on an awesome post though. I have been good. I hope all the peeps out in the web world have been good as well.

I have started my new job, remember number 3 in the restoration of my life. I love it. It has been a bit slow for me lately but I am being trained to be a coordinator. I did come with some experience, but they still must train me. I have to learn how to do manual vital signs and phlebotomy (draw blood). I think I need to learn how the put in IVs as well, but that come when it is needed to be done. I learned how to get a person blood pressure today. I got it and was really surprise how easy it actually is. I just now need to practice on the peeps I work with.

One of the girls, C-C, has a dry eraser board over her desk and would like us to put quotes of the day up. Today, mine was “Same Bat time, same bat channel.” An awesome throwback to the classic Batman show with Adam West. I loved that show as a kid. In the summer I would watch all the old shows like that. Now it is near impossible to find them even on Nick at Night.

I hope that all you peeps out there know what I am talking about. Classic Batman, the incredible hulk, Wonder Woman. Linda Carter now that woman should be my hero. She still looks fabulous now and to me she is still the ultimate Wonder Woman. Yes wonder woman was my hero as a child. I remember going to the comic book store with my oldest brother for him to get comics. Yes he collected comics. He would always get me a wonder woman comic. That comic book store is still open, which I find quite strange. I would have thought that everything would be electronic now, but I guess there is nothing like reading a real comic book. I need to make sure that pumpkin knows that feeling.

I digress, but you know that is me. You can even throw in Lavern and shirley, Happy days, Gilligan’s Island, and so forth. I never did like 3 company. I always thought it was cheesy. I really wish they would show all that stuff again. Somedays I get tired of NCIS, Law and Order, and CSI. Because you know that is all they ever have on now.

Bring back the Classic I say. Let’s revolt to the TV industry until they put on some worthy shows again.

But too reality. I have been so awesome. I need to continue to work on the restoration of my life, but so far so good. I have nothing I need or want right now. Well I take that back my health insurance at the new job sucks as much as my last job, so now I need to find some private insurance, but other then that nothing I need or want right now. For lake of better words life is good…

Later. My hair dyeing is done and starting to burn on my scalp.


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