put the lime in the coconut

So, I have just been so damn busy with life that I have not been able to be my weird random self. I have not been doing my favorite thing to do, writing on this here blog… my bad. This has actually instructions of my therapist. She thinks that writing  is a great outlet and I totally agree. So I am going to try to write everyday again. It is hard to do this at work, but I don’t give a F*CK.

I think I am bored. I have all these things to do but none of them I actually want to do. Yardwork, fixing up the house, cleaning, etc… I think I want to party all the time and sleep all day (thank you to the black eyed peas for their brillant choices in lyrics), but unfortunately I have a small child who likes to wake up about 8am on the weekends and damn if he does not have to get up right then. It sucks. I knew when I was pregnant that I needed to sleep all the time, because I knew I was not going to be able to sleep anymore after pumps was born. I was right, but I think he may be a sleeper and he will very soon sleep in on a weekend basis (keep your fingers cross, I really like sleeping to noon and then getting up to lounge around in jamys for a few more hours before actually doing anything).

I have also been thinking about opening a restuarant or bakery or something like that. I love to cook and bake and I just think it would be great. I probably need to wait until pumps is older because I will have to work alot and right now I can’t leave him that much. Maybe when mom retires, we can do it together. I think I should talk to MMM she would probably like to get in on this. We have always wanted to open a american sports bar in Ireland. I know a bakery in Marietta is a long way away from a bar in Ireland, but I think it would be hard to get work visa’s for Ireland and you know we a citizens of the great USA. So… marietta sounds good so far.

As you can see, I can not make up my mind. Graduate school, a PsyD or open a restaurant or continue working in research. (Today research is winning. MKB has just f*cked up her computer by pulling the cord of the surge protector out and is now under the desk trying to fix it, too funny, I somedays love MKB, she is always good for a great laugh). What to do? What to do? Someday I will make up my mind.

I actually am not unhappy in my current psition in life. I believe I am the type of person who is always happy or at least makes the best out of whatever situation I am in. I love research, it is challanging, hard, fast paced, and very interesting. (this brownie sucks, I remember these they were sponging and gross, BUT I NEED CHOCALATE!!!!!).

Okay, the grosses brownies ever.

MKB is really on today. It is awesome. I wish everyone could see this. She has been burning AMB. It has been great. Earlier today she said that AMB shouldn’t pick her aniversary as a password for something because she wouldn’t remember which one. AMB has been married about 4 times… too funny and then she just said something else. I don’t remember, attention span of a knat. I should work on that.

I can’t think of anything else to say, so… later hater.





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