brass monkey, that funky monkey

so pumps is getting a train table for christmas. I have set up the track. I just need to make a few adjustments and trace and then it is off to the paint shop called my basement. I hope he loves it. I hope that it gets a lot of use.

I will get some pics and post tomorrow.

I know that I have not been my crafty self lately but I think that is going to be my new years resolution and I shall begin actually right now. There is no reason why I can’t crochet and watch TV or work on some sewing project.  I just need to fix the selves in my room and then get all my stuff organized and then I shall finish that damn book I started like 6 months ago. I would like to give it to pumps for christmas. and I want to make presents this year I need to find a great bag pattern I think for mmm and funky hat for pjk and kmas and mom and dck will have to come to me. i did just find a great hat pattern to crochet for myself. I am about to go look for some black yarn and hopefully get started today. Work should be slow tomorrow I plan on taking it with me and working on it there tomorrow.

Later, I think it time to deal with the room…


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