I'm not your friend

so I am still fighting with ohm. I am just so angry. well I think I litr a fire in his ass tonight. hehas threatened to takes pumps and he is like there is nothing I can do. he keeps telling me I am lying about all the things he has done. and he thinks he is a “good person” and I have turned mom againist him. sorry to break your heart ohm, mom hated you long before we got married.
So my brother, dck, was over tonight and he said I am acting like I still care. I don’t think so but I think I must think about that.
I am just so angry that he abandon us. more pumps then me. he told his girlfriend that pumps was not his kid. that I am sorry ohm is abandonment.
I am just so tired of bring angry and having to deal with him. we have a life and it doesn’t envolve him.
this all started because I don’t answer when he calls. I don’t care I have nothing to say to him. I have asked for a schedule for when he plans to see my son, but he won’t give it to me. we were out and he was an ass. he was at the house I told him again I would like a schedule. he said we need to go to court and then he would get a schedule until then I need to just deal. well not actually but that was it. I told hi
he abandon his child and he needed to
leave. not sure want else happened but m yelled for us to stop fighting and told him to leave. he sat in his car and then
came back to the door. I told him he was not welcome and needed to leave.
I am so tired of all of this I just don’t know what to do. mom thinks I can’t keep ohm away if he shows up. that will only hurt pumps. I know it will, but my son deserves so much better.
I guess I will call and find out what time he is coming.
what is best for pumps?


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