Mark on the bus

I know I have not written in a while and when I have it has been total crap. well, I bought myself a new laptop and have the wireless set up in the house so hopefully that will all change.

I guess i have been okay. I have been on this internet dating site and have met a few people. i actually went out with one of them and if dating is like that please no thanks. I know I can not handle it. The guy just stared at me for about 2 hours and then proceeded to tell me I was beautiful a million times. And then when I left he text me “you are just so beautiful” It was just all a bit much for me. damn I know I am hot you do not need to tell me a million times and please do not stare at me staring at people is just rude. I asked MMM if this was normal dating behavior and she stated if you are uncomfortable then no. Hell yeah! I was fuckin’ freaked out. I mean the guy was nice enough, but he was just a bit off. I need to just date and deal with the crazies because apparently they are out in the dating world and there is no way around them.

Other then that life has been a fuckin bitch! My mother is driving me nuts. She keeps making me fell bad for wanting to have a life besides work and raise Goose. I need a life beside those 2 things. I need to go out and party I need to go out and get dress up and date. I need to have time to myself without her and without Goose. She is just lonely I think and needs something I will not give her. I am tired of always running around and not really doing anything. I want to spend time alone whenever I can. Fuck I want to not watch hallmark movies on a Saturday when Goose is napping. I want to not be made into a bad person because I try to make my son listen to me. I am just tired and in a really pissy mode today.

My computer just shut down. I was about to be pissed, well kinda am now I have to begin downloading iTunes all over again.

OHM is an ass as always. He has been better about being with Goose. He is, actually I told him, picking him up every other weekend and keeping him for the weekend. He is still having my son around the idiot woman he abandoned us for, but I am being the better person. He is probably going to be deported. He asked me a few times to go to the INS interview and then to go to court with him and I told him no. There are consequences to your actions and your is you will lose the 2 best people you have ever meet in your life and your stupid ass will be back in africa wondering what the hell did I do.

The other day, R-B stated to me that I was a damn good woman. And then she asked does OHM know what he is missing and what he left behind. I proceed to state the bastard thinks with his dick not his head and probably has no idea. I am so fucking better off, but it is sad one day he will get his and I will just laugh in his face. And one day Goose will tell him to fuck off and I will just laugh in his face.

Okay I am kinda being a bitch now and I can really see my mode going south for the winter and I don’t want to do that so later haters, see you on the b-side.


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