blackbird, fly

So I am still in a bit of a funk. i think it has to do with Valentine’s day just occurring. I actually have never cared about that particular holiday, but now that I am officially (well almost) single, it kinda sucked.

Actually I had a great day. I went the museum with some friends and the high in Atlanta has gotten an excellent collection of art over the years. I did not see their pop art collection and was a little disappointed in that. they used to have a Andy Warhol, the Marilyn Monroe one and also a version of the Campbell soup cans. But they do now have some impressionism and a pretty decent collection of Barque art. I was impressed.

Then when I came home, I made Goose a Kane family tradition of fondue for dinner. complete with wine glasses of milk and candles. He was actually not that impressed, but again he is only 2 and it will be something he remembers in the future. It is something me and my brothers remember.

I wish i was not in such a funk. i have actually been going out and having a life and then there is work.

WORK. Oh how I love what I do, but in the last few weeks I have just been so stressed about it and I feel like I am fucking everything up and I pray I am not. The girls I work with sometimes look at me like  am just stupid, but in reality I don’t know and no one told me. But then I again i did not ask. I need to remember to ask.

So Goose is sick again and his daycare has pissed off mom. They called me today at 3pm. I called them back and told someone  my mom picks him up about 330pm and I actually work in Midtown and can not be there before she gets him. Whomever i spoke stated okay and I figured they would let the teachers know. apparently not. Mom calls when she gets home pissed that I did not call the daycare, thinking that I did not get the message. Actually I did I just didn’t speak to Goose’s teacher. And they also told mom that he can not go back to school until 24 hrs after his fever is gone. So now we have to stay home tomorrow and I have to try to get some work done at home and now AMB needs to see my crazy patient who needs put on insulin. I think I will tell her to have the PI talk to the patient and if she agrees get her a script for it and she can begin and if she does not agree set her up with an appointment to come in ET from the study. (Sorry about the research terminology, but I don’t feel like explaining today. If you really want to know just ask and if you work in research who the only person i know of who reads this here blog does, you understand and Hi M-W, hos is going?) Problems and problems. It really does suck being a single parent and I am not really sure what to do. I know that I am doing the best that I can and today I kinda feel like that is not good enough. I think subconscious I know that it is good enough, but today I felt like crap because I could not go pick up my son and take care of him. i had too much going on at work and actually did not get out until 30 minutes after quitting time. He was just fine and mom was not pissed off at me. I think she wonders how I do all this. I think writing helps and drinking. I need to get some wine tomorrow. I have completely run out and I think a random drunk thursday sounds good.

Later haters, catch you on the b-side.


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