Nobody is reading my blog. So sad and so bad. maybe I have gotten boring.

I know my randomness is off and I am not sure how to get that back, but I have been in such a funk since like October.

Anyway. I want to…

1. have sex. like now.

2. drink alot of alcohol in one night and party like a rock. I think in Vegas too.

3. Not be so damn tired.

4. not be so damn bored.

5. be a chef in my own restuarant.

okay enough with that. MMM stated that I should not be doing this whole interent dating thing. She thinks that the people I will find will want relationships. I do not want to be anyone’s girlfriend at the moment. it is not that I am opposed to it, it is I just don’t have that kind of time. i have a career and a 2 year old and what little social time I get, I like to spend out with my friends. I mean if I meet the right guy, that might change, but as of now it could not be anything serious. And she stated that since all I really want is sex, I should be meeting people in bars. I hate meeting people in bars unless i am drunk and even then the people I meet at the bars I hang out in are total germlins and I want nothing to do with that. I wish there was a way to know how big a guys dick is before you ever think anything else about them. Oh yeah! X-ray googles or vision. And I was totally knocking on Superman earlier in my head. I have always been a huge x-men fan and never really that into Superman, but I think he had something. I digress.

So, I have the opportunity to meet another person from this internet dating thing. I am not sure, the last guy creeped me out completely. maybe, just maybe.

Since no one reads this hear blog, no one is acually wondering what the hell is wrong with me except me. And I wonder that alot. I think I know everything and I think I can do everything, but I have come to the conclusion that I am completely fucked and have no idea what is actually going on in my life. I have admitted it. i need to work on the restoration of my life again.

Next step: I think I shal try to get laid. I think some good old fashioned fucking would help me clear my mind. So i guess date on my friend, date on.

Later Haters


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